Scadbury Lodge

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Image below taken just before the Rear Extension was built in 2020. This is the first known photograph made public of the rear of Scadbury Lodge. There was a Victorian Cesspit immediatley outside the back door which is referred to in the archeology section. Also there was a fireplace outside under the Edwardian (yellow brick) chimney which has now been reinstated. There was an extension on the Edwardian part of the building at the time the Edwardian extension was built around 1868. This extension is depicted on the 1895 O/S map.


Michael Coffey Thatched the entire Scadbury Lodge roof alone and has been commissioned to Thatch a Round House from the Dark Ages.


Ten Victorian Oak Frames recreated by Matthew Sullivan along with all Scadbury timber works


Brickwork Reinstatement, Paving & Scadbury Manor replications by Antanas Serva


Crittall Victorian Window frames recreated and the entire Lodge steel infrastructure carried out by Glenn Killick & Steve Buggy. Steve also fixed the Golf Buggy and made some amazing gates for “the Hay Loft” in London.


Basement Works carried out by Marco Zhang


Archeological finds overseen by ODAS


Holly supplied by and fencing created by Antanas Serva

RSPB – Friends of Scadbury Park – Places to see birds


All about Scadbury Lodge and its surroundings, in its setting of Scadbury Park

Scadbury Lodge Background

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Scadbury Lodge was built between 1799 and 1804. It would appear that it could have been built to commemorate the 1800 centenary. It is The Lodge to Scadbury Manor and situated east of the gated entrance to Scadbury Park. This gate marks the boundary between The Commons and Scadbury Park.